SEO Audit Service

Page One of Google

This site has managed to achieve a number one listing on Google, Yahoo & Bing for our chosen long-tail keyword phrase, all done without chasing backlinks, registering with directories, posting articles and so on. In fact, without doing all the off-site SEO optimization stuff that should be performed if we were serious about our organic search engine rankings.

The only backlink we have ever created is from our companies website (enteresystems.com), which is currently a temporary site containing a solitary couple of pages. We have never aquired or paid for any other backlink or used the services of an SEO expert for any type of off-page optimization.

Current Rankings

Here are our search engine rankings as of Sep 2019:

Keywords Google Yahoo Bing
java web application generator Top of page 1 Top of page 1 Top of page 1
web application generator 4th on page 1 Top of page 1 Top of page 1
java application generator 9th on page 1 5th on page 1 4th on page 2


Here are screenshots of various keyword searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing:

How is this Possible

No idea as we are not SEO experts and view it as some sort of 'Black Magic', beyond the understanding or reach of mere programmers.

The only SEO tweaks we have made to this site have been to follow the on-site optimization advice of an SEO guru, who is happy for us to offer his SEO audit service on our site. To be honest, we have yet to implement all the on-site SEO recommendations as there were quite a lot of them and, so far, we have totally ignored the off-site optimization advice.


The SEO audit report is totally hand crafted and is not generated by some automated tool. It is quite a time consuming task so our SEO friend can only handle so many orders at any one time. If you are interested then simply contact us with a link to your site, along with at least one keyword or phrase that you want to rank for, and we will try to fit you in.


A full and thorough SEO audit costs £250 and includes the following for a single page on your site:

  • Totally handwritten and custom report.
  • White hat SEO tactics.
  • Ranking factors check.
  • List of any errors & how to fix them.
  • Investigation on negative impact of any Google penalties.
  • Risk assessment of being penalized by Google.
  • Advice on how to optimize your site and content.
  • Detailed competitor analysis.
  • Keyword research.
  • Meta tags advice.
  • All sorts of other SEO type checks and advice.
  • SEO action plan.
  • Long term SEO action plan.
  • Answering of any questions you may have.


There are no guarantees of any kind on the impact the advice will have on your site. Maybe we got lucky with this site and somehow managed to trick Google, but we doubt that very much. All we can say is that there is no point in spending a ton of time and money on off-site optimization unless you have tackled any on-site issues first.

What we will do is offer you a full or partial refund if you feel the SEO audit report is not worth the cost after you have reviewed it.