Development Service

As fast as Enfacade is to develop applications, it is even faster and cheaper if we specify and develop them for you.

This may suit many organisations that:

  • Have identified a requirement for an application, and know in very general terms, what they want the application to do.
  • And have established that developing the application using Enfacade reduces the cost to an affordable level.
  • But do not have the resources or knowledge to formally specify and/or develop it themselves.

We have been providing a systems analysis capability for our clients for the last twenty five years. We use the latest techniques to establish the underlying data structure of a required application, leading to the subsequent database design and interfaces to external systems. The final phase is to then identify and define the business logic rules and algorithms that need to manipulate and report the data.

The about us page explains how Enfacade came about and has been used to develop applications for our clients. See also our case study.

What could be faster and hence cheaper, than your application being developed by Enfacade's creators?

Try a Development for Free

The speed of application development with Enfacade makes the development of many potential applications previously too expensive to consider, now viable.

To help aid this recognition, and realise this potential, we offer an Enfacade application development service that is explicitly designed to minimise, or even ELIMINATE, your initial effort and costs until:

  • You have a running sample application covering an agreed portion of the total required application sufficient to make a judgement as to whether to proceed.
  • You have a reliable estimate to complete the development.

If you would like a taster before committing any real effort then, first supply us with a simple descriptive specification. This should take you no longer than an hour to put together. It should ideally be a small sub set of what you have in mind for the final application. An example specification demonstrating the size and complexity expected can be seen here.

It you do have any existing scripts to create the SQL tables used in your specification then all the better.

We will do our best with what you supply, and give you access from any browser with internet access to evaluate. We will do a limited number of changes and enhancements if requested.

At this point you can decide whether to proceed with a more complete and formal specification. Alternatively, you may choose to skip the taster and commit to developing a more complete specification straight away.

From this, we will identify with you a suitable sample application and develop it to the point that you can access it from any browser with internet access to evaluate. We will also supply the theoretical cost of what we would have charged to develop it. This should help to give a measure of what you get for your money.


  • If you choose not to continue, then we will destroy the application. All it would have cost you is the time to produce the initial specification.
  • If you then choose to continue with us completing the development, then we will supply our estimate for completion.
  • If you choose to continue yourselves, then we will hand over the development at a cost calculated to reach that point costed in the same way as the estimate for completion.

Producing the Specification

The specifying an application document gives very simple guidelines of how to create a suitable specification for the application you require.

It expects no experience or knowledge of systems analysis techniques. Its methodology prioritises ease of understanding and use by the non-expert. And, the resulting specification conveys enough information about the required application to us to proceed with any additional analysis required and then to develop the application.

The aim is for you do the smallest amount of work necessary in order to specify the required application, with the minimum amount of initial interaction with us.

If the final application's scope is substantially bigger than a sample application, then you can choose a suitable sub-set as the sample application yourselves. The specification then only has to cover the chosen sample application. This can be expanded to cover the entire application's scope once the sample application has been evaluated, and you have decided to proceed. Again, this is designed to keep your initial effort and cost to a minimum.

Alternatively, if practical, we would be happy to produce the specification for you at your premises. This would involve interviews with the relevant members of staff. As a guide, the production of a specification for a sample application would typically take one day of intensive interviews. This would be charged at our normal day rate plus expenses.

Choosing a Sample Application

We will identify with you a suitable sample application based on the following formula:

number of database tables + number of browser pages <= 14

The reasoning behind this formula is that you could have, at one extreme, one browser Page with data from 13 database tables displayed on it. At the other extreme you could have 7 browser pages each showing the data from one database table.

Most sample applications chosen will fall between the two. For example:

Description Pages Tables Tables/Pages
Logon Page with underlying database table. 1 1 2
Main Page with, say, data from 3 database tables. 1 3 4
Pick List opened from the Main Page to choose a related reference value. 1 1 2
Maintenance Page, plus database table, for the above reference values. 1 1 2
Drill Down Page, drilled down from the Main Page, say 2 database tables. 1 2 3
TOTAL 5 8 13

This should be enough to get a good feel as to what the final application would be like.

Estimate for Completion

The estimate for completion for small to medium sized applications will be based on our defined estimating norms. For larger applications where a considerable amount of UML based analysis is required by us to accurately identify its scope, then a degree of negotiation and preliminary planning may need to take place before reliable estimates can be established.

Our minimum estimate will be that of the sample application estimated using the same norms. This is necessary because some small applications could easily be the actual completed applications. After this, the estimate for the completion will have the sample application estimate subtracted from it.

For example:

Sample Application
Development Effort
Estimate To
Estimate To
3 0 3 * day rate
3 1 3 * day rate
3 4 4 * day rate
3 25 22 * day rate

The billed amount will be the number of days multiplied by our day rate, which will be specified before work on the sample application starts.

Any expenses incurred due to work performed at your premises will be charged at cost.

If the initial specification was for a sample application of your choosing, then the expanded specification would need to be completed by you before an estimate to complete can be made by us.


The development will be in our own offices. We strictly follow AGILE principles. This will include a nightly upload of the runnable application which you will be able to access the next day. A mechanism will also be in place that informs you of the additional pages/functionality that has been added in the upload. This will include any questions we have regarding the upload to be replied to by you, and vice-versa.

Hosting the Application

You may have your own IT structure to host the application on. Alternatively, we can host it for you, so all you need is internet access.


We will give a 6 month warranty on all applications developed. This can be negotiated higher for larger applications that may need more time to be stressed.


We offer phone support during office hours at 15% of the development cost. Alternatively, support can be supplied as required on a day rate basis.