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web application generator

Create a fully working web application from your MySQL, Oracle or MS SQL database in just minutes. learn more

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agile principle

rapid prototyping

Validate and test your database design (the most important stage in development) and try out new ideas. learn more

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on-budget delivery

productivity gains

A single developer can accomplish the job of an entire team in a fraction of the time. learn more

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lifetime promise

totally free

We will provide email support, video tutorials and updates for FREE, now and in the future. learn more

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We are experts in JEE web application development.


Includes the Enfacade Console that simplifies application creation, development and maintenance.

automate development

Handles all the mundane tasks involved in writing web applications.

deliver more

Instantly increase productivity of your software department.

minimal learning curve

Eliminates the need to learn multiple programming languages and technologies.

zero cost

Free to develop and deploy to production with no limit on number of servers, applications or users.


Convert your legacy systems to the latest technologies with minimal effort.

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Generated Pages

Automatically generates minimal XML to add fully functioning CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update & Delete) pages to your web application. Simply modify this XML to enhance your pages.

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Nested Menus

Menus can be nested to any level.

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Display Related Data

Related data can be displayed and edited at any level on the same page.

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Mix grids and freeforms on the same page in any layout.

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Incorporate 3rd party JavaScript controls.

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Split you data across multiple tabs.

industrial strength

Based on tried and tested Java EE, HTML5 and JavaScript technologies.

Java Code your business logic in generated Java classes.

JSP Regenerates JSP files to reflect your design changes.

Database Works with... MySQL Oracle MS SQL

XML Edit your complete application using basic XML.

Tomcat Tested to destruction on Apache Tomcat 7 and 8.

Web Server Also tested on... Glassfish Weblogic Jetty Resin JBoss IBM

CSS3 Change styling to match your corporate identity.

JavaScript Incorporate 3rd party JavaScript controls.